School Uniforms

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uniforms3I really think school uniforms are ridiculous. Just thinking about it makes me sick. I had to wear uniforms up at my old school for 6 months! I hated every minute wearing that prison suit! Everyone looked the same, and the school just seemed like prison to most. It was horrible, hated it. Now im fine with private school suit style uniforms, but polos and khakis is a huge NO in my opinion.

I think khakis and polos make kids look fatter. It’s hilarious! Thats another good reason why I dont want to wear school uniforms. School uniforms also make everything boring. There’s no personality with school uniforms at all. By doing this, school becomes less fun, less interesting, and loses personality. But none of these traits would help to perform better at school, so i guess it’s a lose-lose situation for the students.

Here’s a couple of links to opinions of school uniforms.


Spring Break

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For spring break I really want to rally up my crew and have jam sessions at my pad instead of going down to the coast or to Texas. I’ve gotten tired of sitting in the car for 1-8 hours. Its horrible.  If I do stay home for spring break, I’ll be hanging with friends, making loud noise, skateboarding around town, and doing other fun stuff.

Hello world!

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