What I’ve Learned in Web Page Design

I’ve Learned many things in web page design this semester at school, such as html, dreamweaver, and photoshop.  All of the projects i’ve done were excellent ways to teach and show me how to work this stuff. At first, it was confusing and I got lost many times. But i’ve learned from my mistakes and now I know where to find and edit most stuff.

When I first learned about html, I thought the codes and all that stuff were really confusing and hard to understand. But many days of practice with html helped me out in the long run.  Now I can fine tune some html codes on pages to make it look better and more professional.

Learning about web page design would help me in the future if I work as a graphics designer or if I pursue any career dealing with design in the computer area.


~ by bluepoprocks on May 13, 2009.

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