Rap and hiphop

Today’s rap and hip-hop music is often criticized for its lyrics and the negative affect it has on America’s youth.  Hip-hop also seems to be increasingly blamed for a variety of social ills. Studies have attempted to link it to everything from teen drug use to increased sexual activity among young girls.

While rap has been, in essence, pop music for years, and most rap consumers are white, some worry that the black community is suffering from hip-hop — from the way America perceives blacks to the attitudes and images being adopted by black youth. And then there’s the criminal aspect that has long been a part of rap. In the ’70s, groups may have rapped about drug dealing and street violence, but rap stars weren’t the embodiment of criminals themselves. Today, the most popular and successful rappers boast about who has murdered more foes and rhyme about dealing drugs as breezily as other artists sing about love.

I think rap and hiphop is just another form of art. Just not my type of art. Im not for it, but im not against it. Everyone has their own style. Just like me listening to rock, and skateboarding. Some people dislike those hobbies, but that’s just who I am.  As long as they dont mess with me and my style, I wont mess with them their style.

Some of my good friends listen to hiphop and rap, but I dont mind. Its not like they’re going to shoot someone or spraypaint some walls. But sometimes rap often influences some young people to do such crimes. There may not be any “good” side about hiphop and rap besides the catchy verses and the real loud bass beats, but people listen to it anyways. Even I listen to hiphop sometimes. Only if I get tired of listening to heavy guitar runs and quick tempo beats.



~ by bluepoprocks on May 6, 2009.

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