how you can be safe on the road

Some issues teenage drivers face are driving under the influence, peer pressure/speeding, and distractions. These issues are very serious within the teenage driver community. Traffic crashes are the number one cause of death among children and young adults. More than 3,800 young drivers age 15-20 are killed every year in traffic crashes. More than 326,000 young drivers are injured. More than any age group, teens are likely to be involved in a single vehicle crash.

Driving under the influence is one horrible issue. Statistics say that about 30% of crashes killing young drivers involve alcohol. The best way to prevent this is to have a designated driver if the driver is too drunk to drive. By doing that, the driver wont be such a hazard on the road. Teenage drivers cause a disproportionately high percent of roadway detriments including collisions, crashes, and fatalities.Clearly, laws prevent teenagers from legally possessing, consuming, or driving under the influence of alcohol, but as reality proves, teen drinking and driving still does occur.

Peer pressure and speeding is another factor in the teenage driver community.

17 percent of teens said speeding is fun.

55 percent of teens said they exceed the speed limit by more than 10 mph.

26 percent of self-identified “aggressive” teen drivers reported speeding by more than 20 mph over the limit.

69 percent of teens who speed said they do so because they want to keep up with traffic.

44 percent of teens said they drive more safely without friends in the car.

67 percent of teens said they have felt unsafe when someone else was driving.

Only 45 percent said they would definitely speak up if someone were driving in a way that scared them.

37 percent said they would ride with one or more friends who speed in the coming year.


~ by bluepoprocks on April 29, 2009.

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