The Time Capsule

timecapsuleThe five things I would put in a time capsule would probably be my guitar, skateboard, my music, mountain dew, and some pizza! I dont really know why I’d put those things in there, but they’re currently my favorite things in life. My favorite things would probably change through the years, so it would be interesting to look back and see what I liked. Though 2096 is a pretty long time. I’d probably be dead by then.

So, I guess the only people that would be able to open it and see whats inside would be my children, or grandchildren. It’d be great to see the time change and see what it would be like in 2096, but living that long for me seems impossible. Unless I freeze myself in a cryotube or something like they do in sci-fi movies and stuff.

Im not sure if it would work though. I dont know. Like I said, living up to 2096 would be very unlikely. But im not that worried about the future right now. Im just working my current projects and just being a teenager. But wondering what skateboards would look like in the future is pretty mind boggling. I mean, they just came out with a skateboard that moves with only 2 wheels. Its not that bad, but I cant do any tricks on it. So I stick with my other boards. If they developed a hover board like the ones in “Back to The Future”, I’d totally ride that.

Im pretty sure that most guitars in the future wont look any different, since they still have guitars out today that are like 40 years old, and they’re still popular amongst guitarists around the world. Now if they made EVERYTHING wireless for musicians, then setting up for a gig and recording would be way easier than it is now.


~ by bluepoprocks on April 23, 2009.

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