What am i going to do after high school/college

partyHonestly, im not even sure what im going to do after high school/college. My strong points are in the art area, so i might go to a school for the arts or something. I can draw real well, but i havn’t drawn anything in a while, so i might be rusty. My friends and I have a band, so we’ve been recording. I guess that is an art form. So going to a recording school might be another option.

I actually wanted to take a year off after high school and just chill before going to college. I might go on a road trip back to my hometown and catch up with my buds. Some guys I know might tag along just for the fun of it and see what its like on the west. It’d probably be easier to find recording studios and gigs back in the city. So our band might head west after high school and start there, since there is alot of people that listen to our kind of music, and way more parties, unlike here.

After that one year of relaxing, I’d probably head to college. Maybe Arizona state university. Im not really sure what to do after college though.. Mabye pursue a career in the arts. Musically or visually. But there are so many things i like to do besides art. But most of those “other” things dont really have a career though.

So that’s what I might do after high school. I still have no idea on what to do after college though. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. But im sure I’ll find out what to do. Just give me a couple more years of thinking.


~ by bluepoprocks on April 14, 2009.

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